The Environment and Climate Change

Concern for our environment is one that I have long shared with constituents and the issue of climate change has raised awareness of this to new heights. I am pleased that Parliament unanimously agreed that we face a climate emergency and that we now have in place legislation to underpin this.

The UK is the first G7 country to legislate for net zero emissions. This is just the start.

It is good that we are setting targets but targets themselves do not reduce emissions. We need action plans to deliver the targets. Much needs to be done. I acknowledge that it is for Government to drive this forward and I agree entirely with the progress report that decisive cross-cutting action is needed. There is much work to do nationally, internationally and at a local level. 

I am meeting with groups across the constituency to listen to their specific concerns and to learn what they are doing in their communities. 


Climate Change

I have said in my article in the Thame Gazette this week that I believe that climate change is a crucial issue facing the planet. However, attendance at (or the number of) a particular debate is not an indication of commitment to an issue either from me or from the Government.