John writes on merits of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Planning

I am posting a copy of a joint article written by me and a barrister colleague, John Pugh-Smith, which we have submitted by way of representation from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Alternative Dispute Resolution as part of the consultation on the planning White Paper. The recommendations w

Exam Results summer 2020

John has expressed his concern at results determined by the algorithm where students have received a lower result than anticipated which has put in jeopardy their anticipated university place or career plan.

Planning Reforms

The Local Development Plan for an area is made up of the district council’s Local Plan and relevant Neighbourhood Plans.

John comments on the sentences for the killing of Andrew Harper

The death of PC Andrew Harper left a deep impression on us all. This was a police officer simply doing his duty. It has also shocked the nation. The media reports of the remorseless attitude of the accused whilst awaiting trail and during the trial have added to this.

The Trade Bill

When writing about and reflecting on the Trade Bill, I am conscious that much of the discussion has very little to do with trade or with the Bill itself.  The bulk of the discussion comes down to one thing alone – trust.  Sadly, there is a lack of trust in the Government which is reflected in som

Comment on the Agriculture Bill

A number of people claim that the Agriculture Bill sets out to reduce animal welfare and food standards. This is a misunderstanding of the Bill.

Response regarding Dominic Cummings

In the last few days I have received a number of emails about Dominic Cummings. I regret that I am no longer able to give a personalised reply to everyone which I trust people will understand.

Coming out of Lockdown

A few weeks ago Ministers were working flat out to bring forward measures to try to keep us all safe and to help people in the very many different situations faced with the onset of COVID-19 in the UK.