I am always happy to meet with constituents to discuss issues and assist with problems where I am able. Given the geographical area covered by the constituency it is not possible to hold regular surgeries that are convenient for everyone wanting a face-to-face meeting. Therefore I operate a triage system on first contact to see if we can help with issues by phone or email. With the asssitance of my team, we find that a large number of problems can be dealt with quickly and efficiently in this way.

Where a face to face meeting is necessary we will try to arrange them in clusters in an location as convenient as possible for those waiting at the time. In this way we hope that no one has to travel too far. This may mean that there is a wait for an appointment. 

To discuss an issue please call my constituency line – 01491 613088.

Please note that with regard to issues that fall under the remit of a local authority I have no power to compel local authorities to act or change any decisions. However, I am always happy to formally pass on concerns that are raised with me.

Oxfordshire County Council is responsible for local services, including education, social services, transport, roads (except trunk roads and motorways), public rights of way, libraries, the fire service, culture, trading standards, bus subsidies, minerals, waste and recycling (disposal) and the environment.

The constituency is served by two district councils, Cherwell District Council and South Oxfordshire District Council. They are responsible for local services, including planning, housing and associated benefits, rubbish collection. environmental services, leisure services, some car parks and council tax collection. 

To find your County Councillor at Oxfordshire County Council follow this link 

To find your District Councillor if you are resident in the South Oxfordshire District Council area follow this link.

To find your District Councillor if you are resident in the Cherwell District Council area follow this link