Grass fed labelling

I would like to assure you that I fully appreciate the importance of grass fed labelling. Consumer confidence is more important in the food and drink industry than in any other industry, and is key to the integrity of the supply chain.

I am aware that previous voluntary labelling guidance defined grass-fed as “fed primarily on grass in the field.” While there is no legal definition of grass-fed in relation to livestock rearing practice, the current regulations on food labelling require that any information, including on packaging, advertising or other media, must not mislead consumers as to the characteristics of the food. This includes its method of manufacture or production.

It is important that the Government ensures the future regulatory framework continues to provide consumers with confidence in the food that they are buying, while also securing the UK’s world-leading reputation for high quality and standards. I have been reassured that the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs are currently in discussions with interested third-party organisations about future agricultural policy, and I hope that these discussions will result in an arrangement that suits all parties.