Council of Europe: Question to President of Portugal

I asked the President of Portugal what the positon was regarding amtisemtism in Portugal and more widely in Europe. This followed my visit with the Council to Lisbon when I had observed the jewish community paying for heavy guards to proetct their synagogues.

Council of Europe: Ending violence against children

I gave a speech in this debate to empathise with the calls to protect children. I pointed to the importance of the Lanzarote Convention the first international legal instrument aiming to prevent, criminalise and combat all forms of sexual abuse and exploitation of children.

Council of Europe: Syria

In speaking in a debate on Syria I praised the actvities of Jordan in accepting so many Syrian refugees.  Jordan is the 10th driest country in the world and is running up against its own resources in taking in so many refugees.

Council of Europe: : pushback

Pushback is the growing practice of making life difficult for refugees to stop them entering or staying in a country.  It is inhuman and degrading.  The demands made on countries to tackle this problem are going to require resources and money.  The report is silent on where that money is coming f

Council of Europe: French foreign minister

I asked the French foreign minister a question relating to her speech in which she said that we should be true to our common values. I asked how the current acivitity of the Russians showed any identification with our common values.

Speech on Free Schools

It is a great pleasure to serve under your chairmanship, Ms Buck. I wish to speak about Europa School UK in Culham in my constituency, but this is not an attempt to get one over on the Minister—quite the opposite.

Speech on Modern Slavery

Thank you, Mrs Main; it is a pleasure to serve under your chairmanship. I will raise the situation of modern slavery in Nigeria, which the team should look at as an example of how the Modern Slavery Act is working. The attack on modern slavery is an international phenomenon, and we lead the world in setting the standards.

Speech on Jewish refugees

I wish to dedicate much of what I am going to say to the Jewish refugees of Iraq. I have taken a personal interest in them over the past year, having become friends with several Jews of Iraqi heritage who fled to the UK from Iraq.