Trade and Agriculture Commission to be set up

The Secretary of State for Internatianl Development has announced that a Trade and Agriculture Commission will be set up to advise the Government on trade policy post Brexit. 

The Secretary of State said: "Any trade deal the UK strikes must be fair and reciprocal to our farmers, and must not compromise on our high environmental protection, animal welfare and food safety standards. We have been clear on these points and will continue to fight for the interests of our farming industry in all trade agreements we negotiate. We are pleased therefore, on behalf of the Government, to agree in principle to the establishment of a Trade and Agriculture Commission under Department for International Trade auspices. The Commission’s terms of reference will be published in due course. This is the first time in over 40 years that the UK has pursued its own independent trade policy. In forming this Commission, we will ensure the importance of close engagement with the agriculture industry to help inform, shape and guide agricultural trade policy, so that this is recognised throughout our trade negotiations.”

John welcomed the announcement saying: "Maintaining our food standards is an important concern for many and one that I have long shared. It is good news that the Government has supported its intention with this new Commission. I am pleased too that it has been welcomed by farming unions and will bring reassurance to them."

John has previously written on food standards