John welcomes new business to Thame

As we emerge out of lockdown John was delighted to see a new business open in Thame - Martin & Co Estate Agents. He went along to meet the Managing Director, Bill Cooper. 

John said: "It is always a delight to see new businessses open in the constituency and the more so in current times. I was delighted to meet with Bill and some of his team in the new branch in Thame. I wish them all every success. There is, of course, plenty of competition and I hope that Government measures will ensure plenty of business for all!"

Martin & Co is a national property franchise. Bill has two branches one in Oxford and the new one in Thame. More information can be found on their website. 



John is always happy to meet with business owners in the constituency to learn more about their businesses and discuss issues relating to Government. Constituency visits are for John's information and are not an endorsement of any particular business over and above others.