John speaks on climate change in the Queen's Speech debate.

In any debate in the Chamber an MP may only speak once. In the debate on the Queen’s Speech I chose to make my contribution in discussion on climate change issues. You can read my contribution on the link on the Parliament tab on this site.

In summary I shared with the House that I met with representatives from Extinction Rebellion and had a good discussion. Some of the images shown in the media show more extreme actions which can override the serious points being made. I was delighted to accept the gift of a tree to be planted in the constituency and am working with a local group to find an appropriate place to plant it. I also passed on a request that the House should have a meat-free day and have left that with those who run our catering to consider.

Whilst I am delighted to be meeting with people in the constituency so see what individuals can do I stress time and again that the issue of climate change is one that needs to be tackled at an international level. I shared the contributions that I am able to make as a Parliamentary delegate at the Council of Europe. The work there has shown me the value of cross-party co-operation on the international stage.

I also raised the issues of technology especially in the context of the national infrastructure strategy. If we are going to judge the impact of things such as roads, it is important that we do so with reference to tomorrow’s technology or the technology that will exist at the time such infrastructure is built, rather than today’s technology.

Do read the full speech or even the whole debate for more on this.