John joins 'MPs for a Deal'

John has joined a new cross party group of MPs called 'MPs for a Deal'. 

'MPs for a Deal' has been launched by parliamentary colleagues across the political divide who believe that the result of the Referendum should be respected and that the UK should leave the EU and WITH a deal. The group seeks a middle ground between the two extremes of ‘remain’ and ‘leave’.

Those who have signed up to the group are frustrated by the lack of moderation and compromise that has paralysed the House. They believe that even at this eleventh hour it’s not too late to agree a deal.

John said "I am pleased that colleagues have started this initiative and happy to join this group. Last week I met with the Prime Minister and he assured me that he was working hard for a Deal and expects to bring that back to Parliament when we return in mid-October. I think the vast majority of people want a sensible compromise and an orderly exit. The current uncertainty cannot continue."