John joins the Conservative Environment Network

John has signed up to join the caucas of MPs who have agreed to support the green conservative agenda in Westminster. 

The Conservative Environment Network(CEN) is an independent forum which includes the MP Caucus and members who support conservation and decarbonisation.

John said: "The is no doubt that environmental issues must be considered in all that we do across government departments. I am pleased to have been able to sign up to support the work that the CEN does to inform and support us in our work and to ensure that we keep focus on these critical issues."

CEN’s Parliamentary Caucus support the following principles:

Action to enhance the natural environment: We support the establishment of a new legal framework to halt and reverse the decline in our ecosystems, so that future generations can enjoy and be protected by the UK’s natural inheritance.

Action to secure the future of rural areas: We support a new system of rural payments that is based on the principle that public money should be used to secure ecological gains for the benefit of the public, and promotes a vibrant rural economy including high-quality, sustainable agriculture.

Action on climate change: We believe that climate change creates severe risks for global stability and prosperity, and that the UK must therefore continue to lead the way not only in promoting adaptation but also in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Action to promote clean growth: We believe that the best future for UK manufacturing industry lies in clean growth, and that government policy should therefore support R&D and investment in clean technologies.

Action to build properly designed housing: We believe that the nation has a responsibility to ensure the provision of high quality, affordable homes for all our people — and that house building, if properly conducted, is fully compatible with preserving and enhancing the quality of the environment.

Action to preserve species and oceans: We believe that the UK has — and must seize — the opportunity to lead the world in ending the illegal wildlife trade, halting the annihilation of species, and restoring the health of our oceans.

Action to tackle air pollution: We support the promotion of electric vehicles, alongside active transport and increased planting of trees to tackle air pollution on our roads and streets.