John comments on E-scooters on Radio Berkshire

Following the tragic death of a man riding an electric skateboard in Stoke Row John was asked to comment on the law relating to the use of these and e-scooters. Speaking on the Andrew Peach Show on Radio Berkshire John began the interview offering his deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Bradley Visser, who died from the injuries sustained in his accident. 

John acknowledged the public interest in e-scooters, especially as an environmentally friendly form of transport. He said that his instinct was not to call for a ban but to find a way to ensure that they are built and can be operated safely, both for their riders and for other road users. He shared feedback from constituents who had been on holiday in Lisbon where e-scooters are permitted and had found them a nuisance and a worry as users weaved in and out pedestrians at speed on pavements.

In the UK currently e-scooters can be used on private property (with the landowner's permission) but it is illegal to ride them on the road. This includes in cycle lanes, or tracks, or on the pavement. Ministers in the Department for Transport are looking into the situation recongising the need for innovation in transport but not at the expense of road safety.